Thursday, March 30, 2006

Michael Redd and crew @ The Palace

Since I will be in attendance for the game Friday night, I thought I would provide a write-up. I have already seen the Bucks earlier this year (01.25.2006) where Detroit won in overtime 106-102. This data research is from a sports site I like, TeamRankings.

Detroit Pistons Overall
Record: 57-14
Power Rating: 107.5
Ranking: 1
6-2v #1-5
9-4v #6-10
7-6v #11-16
14-0v #17-22
21-2v #23-30

Detroit Pistons at Home

Home Ranking(31-3): 109 (1) 4-0v #1-5
5-1v #6-10
4-2v #11-16
6-0v #17-22
12-0v #23-30

Milwaukee Bucks Overall
Record: 36-35

Power Rating: 99.4

Ranking: 15
4-7v #1-5
4-8v #6-10
2-8v #11-16
8-8v #17-22
18-4v #23-30

Milwaukee Bucks on the Road
Away Rankings (14-21): 100.0 (16)
0-5v #1-5
2-4v #6-10
1-5v #11-16
4-4v #17-22
7-3v #23-30

Suggested Play: The line for the game is set at 10. Both teams are on 2 game winning streaks. Detroit had a solid home victory against Dallas, followed by a B2B last night win in Philly. The bench has been seeing considerably more playing time. The Bucks should be rested, are a solid squad, and will want to try and snatch a victory away from the Pistons after that nail-bitter of a game in January. Margin of victory predicted to be about 7 points. Taking
Bucks +10

I uploaded this video of Rasheed Wallace on MTV Cribs. I have embeded the video below, but if you would like a copy you can click here.

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