Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Too much time...

Don't forget to bid on I'm selling my wife's box, my cock won't fit NR!

Up for auction is my wife's box. I'm selling her box because my cock won't fit in her box. I wanted to try and put my cock in her box before we got married, but she would not allow it. Now I find out my cock doesn't fit in it, and as you can see in the picture if I shove my cock any further in I will tear her box, and she doesn't want that. So I am selling her box and looking for one that my cock will fit in. Thank you for looking. My cock is only pictured as reference and not included with her box. I have tried to get rid of her box several times, she gave her box to the neighbor twice, but he returned it. She tried giving it to the mailman, but he said he rather have my cock. We even tried to give it away by putting a flyer on the church bulletin board, but it was taken down for some reason. So I am at wit's end to try and get rid of this thing, please help! Shipping will be determind at end of auction, actual cost at most!
I'm selling my wife's box, my cock won't fit NR! (continued with questions)

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