Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sports Tracking Money Management

Sports Tracking System

Money Management Rules

Rules to maximize gains and minimize losses

1. One Unit is a set percentage of the available bankroll. A one unit standard wager will be set at 4% of the bankroll. (i.e.: $1000 unit on a $25000 bankroll). This unit will be rolled over from the previous days balance. Two units is 8% and three units is 12%. Obviously, the majority of wagers will be one unit and three unit plays should be reserved for times of value.

2. The maximum single wager amount for one game is 14% of the available bankroll. This is to attempt to keep bankroll fluctuations to a minimal. (i.e: $3500 maximum on a $25000 bankroll)

3. Limit parlays and teaser to an absolute minimum. These wagers offer lucrative rewards but are very difficult to hit. Parlays greater than 3 teams should not be for more than 1/2 betting unit.

4. The maximum pending wager at any time is 14% of the bankroll. (i.e: $350.00 maximum pending on a $25000.00 bankroll).

5. Avoid the juice. Don’t have your bankroll get chopped down by paying simply to place the wager. Avoid bets where the value is simply not there. When possible search different sportbooks for the best lines [Pinnacle, Olympic, ect.].

6. …On the other hand, look for the underdog. Money line and spreads are based on public betting perceptions and sometimes this can be exploited. Look for value in good underdogs to turn one betting unit into two½ units. Look for value in laying -1 runs in baseball or by looking for lucrative alternate runlines.

7. Golden rule: Avoiding chasing and the most important thing to realize is that there are sporting events everyday to exploit. Focus on weekly returns. Try to minimize risky investments (high money line favorites).


1. Attempt to hit >55% of all plays @ average odds of -110.

2. Attempt to hit >65% of all maximum wager plays. [Three Units] Keep maximum wager plays to a minimum. Utilize these plays when the value of the play is exceptional and the odds of winning are exceptional.

3. Record early leans and record the results of accuracy. Watch line moves. Always look to minimize risk by putting money into high value situations.

4. Find consistent people to track on Covers and other resources.

The Down and Dirty... Money. Financial Goals.

Obviously, the primary goal of sports wagering is to hit as many of your plays and to make as much money as possible. The way to reaching these consistent financial gains is with proper money management and by setting proper and attainable goals. Every wager made has to be kept in perspective and this is best done by focusing on a weekly goal.

Seven days of the week. The goal is to try and bring in 6-7 units a month. This is about a 25% gain each month. Keeping that in prespective, will help when times are slow.

Some months will be higher than 25%, as the potential is endless. Other weeks that goal may not be attainable and growth may be slower or may even decline for a week. The key is to stay sharp and aggressive, taking advantage of the value in lines, and slowly building on consistent sports picks.

With a 25,000 bankroll, an 25% growth is $6250 and about $75.000 per year. The key is patience since 7-8 solid bets can make you reach your goal for the entire month.

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