Saturday, March 18, 2006

T.O. Back in Business with the Cowboys

Everyone remembers Terrell Owens. Even though he only played 7 games last season for the Eagles before being suspended, the talk of Owens didn't stop for months.

Everyone knows how good Terrell Owens is. Owens is one of the best talents in the game, pulling in 716 catches for 10,535 yards and 103 touchdowns in 10 seasons.

Everyone knew that wasn't the last they would hear the name T.O. And everyone was right. Today, Terrell Owens has signed a 3-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys. It is possible that this is a great move. Dallas has lacked a superstar receiver down there since Michael Irvin, and maybe TO can fit in there.

Alas, could it be the end of having the TO show? Looking back, there were some good memories...
"You have not seen my face go across the screen for any off the field problems, period. "

"This is a dirty business, that is why I go out and play with my heart. "

"Carry a Sharpie with me at all times now. In my car, in warm-ups. Got to flip the script. I'm brainstorming for my next one. They thought the Dallas thing was hard to top, but I topped it. Took me two years, but I topped it. "

“To be honest, I think I'm a little better then [Randy] Moss. I bring a lot more to the table than he does."

Terrell Owens now says that he is "a star among stars now." When asked about his past problems, T.O. responded, "I'm going to put those things behind me,"Owens said. "They can only make a man stronger, wiser. For me, that`s what it`s done. I'll be a better teammate, a better person, a better man in life. I`m looking forward to this opportunity. I couldn`t be more excited to be here."

The question is how fast the fans will warm up to Owens, who launched his flamboyant persona in September 2000 when as a member of the 49ers he celebrated each of two touchdown catches at Texas Stadium by running to the team`s star logo at midfield. Safety George Teague secured a spot in team lore by decking Owens after the second one.

On a Monday night game in 2004 best remembered for his pregame skit with a 'Desperate Housewives' actress, Owens celebrated another score by tapping on a logo in the end zone.

Apparently, Jimmy Jones and Terrell Owens had discussed his future touchdown celebrations and when asked with an arm on Jones` back, T.O. smiled wide and said, "I will embrace the star."


Bill said...

It won't last. He'll show his ass like he has in the past. He's not a team player and never will be. I'm beginning to think "team player" is a meaningless term in the NFL anymore.

By the way, good blog.

JG said...

I don't think TO ever really wanted to be in Philly. I think that Dallas will be a better fit.

If TO is happy with his contract, he will be a productive football player. He has the talent and I bet he will work hard in the off-season to make his return to playing payoff.

Thanks for commenting. What do you think?