Thursday, March 16, 2006

The End for Joey?

By now, everyone in Michigan who can read, watch TV or listen to the radio probably knows that Joey Harrington has requested to be released from his contract or traded. The Lions internally had hoped that they could resolve the situation but apparently, after signing Josh McCowan today, the situation is beyond repair. The extensive rift between Harrington and his teammates has created an environment where Joey no longer wants to be part of the team. In some regards I can't blame him. But, I'm not that sorry for him.

Between Mike Williams's ballooning weight, any future offenses to the league's drug policy by Charles Rogers and the apparent eventual loss of Harrington, Matt Millen's tenure as team president has been a colossally miserable failure in the draft.

The Lions have also signed free agent Tight End Dan Campbell. Campbell, a devastating run blocker, will split time with Marcus Pollard. Campbell is a reliable vet who is far from flashy but will provide consistency at the position that has been sorely lacking.

McCowan is 26 and has signed a 2 year deal worth $6 million dollars. The Arizona Cardinals didn't want him, but the Detroit Lions love other people's garbage. The Lions have now spent about $17 million on quarterbacks in this off-season. Off-record, during the SuperBowl weekend, McCowan told 1270 am radio that he really wanted to come to Detroit or Miami and that the chance of that move was pretty good. League sources said that the acquisitions of Kitna and McCown will result in the release or trade of Harrington, who was the third overall player selected in the 2002 draft. Harrington is due a roster bonus of $4 million on June 15 and is scheduled to have a 2006 base salary of $4.5 million. More money down the tube.

In McCown, whose résumé includes 22 starts, Martz is getting a young, talented quarterback that he might be able to mold in much the same manner he did past protégés like Trent Green, Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger. McCown has appeared in 33 games and completed 498 of 862 passes for 5,431 yards, with 25 touchdown passes, 29 interceptions and a 72.1 efficiency rating.

Personally, I don't know what this team is doing. At the last press conference tchat the Lions held, Joey was supposedly number 1. Joey is in Thailand and the Lions have 2 new quarterbacks, with a total of 5 on the roster. Most likely, Kitna and McCown will be competiting for the starting role at quarterback this season. The facts and the rumors behind this team are becoming blurred... The thinking Inside Millen's Brain... is better explained by someone other than myself.

The compound at Allen Park, where you need proper fingerprint identification and retina scanning, is like Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory--nobody knows what is going on in there. Ford and Millen need to open that place up, because I am quickly losing all faith in this team... Update: Joey's a Goner!
Audio: Sports Radio 1270 am interview with Jon Kitna

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