Wednesday, March 15, 2006

True or False? 4 is better than 3.

Lions have signed Jon Kitna to a 4-year, 10 million dollar contract. Coming from the Bengals, Kitna will be a further addition at the quarterback position, bringing the total to 4. Joey Harrington, Shawn King (1 year deal), and Dan Orlovsky (22 years of age) are already on salary at the quarterback position.

The talk around this deal is swirling as reports of Joey "being unhappy" have been printed. The real speculation is in the length of Kitna's deal. A 4-year deal to a guy that has gone on the record saying that he wants to start. Why would he leave the Bengals with Carson Palmer's injury in question at the beginning of the season? Kitna would most likely have the opportunity to start in Cincinnati, but he has decided to pack it up and come to Detroit.

However, the Detroit Lions are the Detroit Lions. This has become the team where a winning season would be a great accomplishment. Many people can't even remember when the last time the Lions had a winning season. I think Forrest Gump said it best, "Mamma always said the Lions were like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get." That is the bottom line.

As of now, Joey is still the starter. But, I question, for how long? I like the thinking that maybe Joey gets a shot but the most likely scenario is that Kitna starts. Joey could be out of here. Kitna learns the offense, starts this season, and the don't forget he is here for 4 years. After the upcoming season, the Lions look at drafting a first round QB to try to develop.

Whatever the quarterback position, let's not forget that this team wasn't just lacking at a single position. Even Matt Millen would say that this teams problems are not going to be solved with just a couple players. In all honestly, this Lions' season will probably be a .500 or a winning season. But, I would not suggest running to Vegas just yet...

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