Monday, March 20, 2006

What to watch? Wolverines vs Irish

Maybe you haven't been following the National Invitation Tournament (NIT), but you can quickly catch up on the action by taking a glimpse at the tournament bracket.

Tonight, Michigan will host Notre Dame, who had a winning season at 16-13 but only had a 6-11 record in Big East play. Don't let the record fool you, because this Notre Dame team loses' are by the smallest of margins—1 pt loss to UConn in overtime, 3 pts @ Louisville in overtime, 2 to Villanova, 1 to West Virginia, 3 to Georgetown in overtime, 2 @ Marquette. Lots of tough losses to very talented teams. Those tough losses have only built Notre Dame's desire to win the NIT.

Game Time: 7PM EST
Projected Winner: Notre Dame +4
For a program of the game, follow this link.

Final: 84-87 Michigan wins with a 3 point buzzer beater in 2OT. Michigan will play Miami (Fl) March 28th @ Crisler Arena.
game recap

Oh yea, the WBC Final is at 9PM featuring Cuba and Japan. It won't be a showcase of major league stars, but of "hungry players that have mastered team baseball". So get to know these finalists. The Detroit Pistons are also hosting the Atlanta Hawks tonight @ 7PM.


ripi$money said...

It's a good thing Dion Harris hit that shot! When I started watching, I though the game would be over at 9:05 tops, but instead it went until 9:40! That was a much more thrilling and exciting game to watch than Pistons-Hawks. Thank you NIT, for giving the unranked teams something to do.

JG said...

Exactly my thinking about the NIT. The way they restructured the NIT this year giving it seeds and the new bracket set up, there have been some GREAT matchups. A lot of overtime games. That is good stuff.

Michigan came out very flat and it was a good feeling seeing them rally back to take the win. It was even better that the game was tied at the end of regulation and the first ot, and michigan on both occasions had a chance to win---finally hitting it in the 2nd ot.