Friday, March 10, 2006

Comparing Bush to Hitler

Colorado high school teacher Jay Bennish has been through a week of hell, ever since a student's parent took the kid's tape-recording of one of Bennish' lectures to a conservative media outlet. In the lecture, which you can listen to here, and which Michelle Malkin transcribed here, Bennish made a comparison between Bush and Hitler and criticized U.S. drug policy and capitalism without presenting the other side.

Bennish was placed on Administrative leave, pending the conclusion of an investigation.
It's now over. Bennis has been reinstated with full pay. The school's statement is here.

He reports: Mr. Bennish has been reinstated with full pay. Not one nickel will be withheld from his paycheck. He'll be back in the classroom Monday. They feel wonderful. It is an excellent outcome. Lane is gratified that the Cherry Creek School District understands the primacy of the First Amendment. He's only sorry that Mr. Bennis was pulled out of class for the investigation.

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