Saturday, April 01, 2006

MLB Regular Season Contest

April 3rd is opening day for MLB. I have set up the MLB Regular Season Contest over at wagerline. This contest will run from April 4rd-Nov 15th. You are able to make picks RIGHT NOW. The object is to test your skills at picking winners over the course of the summer. Money line and Game Total Wagers are available wagers. Know when to pick your heavy favorites and know when to ride those dogs. Baseball is a game of streaks. Usually, I like to not pick against teams that have won 3 in a row. Goodluck. Prize can be discussed.
I was involved in a college basketball that was selecting only monely line dogs, at Covers. If people are interested I thought I would run a similar contest in MLB (picking dogs), with somewhere from 5-15 people. I haven't decide the exact number that I will track, but if enough people are interested, I can set up the details. contact me or using this link to post at Covers. This contest will start April 3rd.

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