Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Popped Cherry Wednesday Bases

¤ Chicago Cubs -103 2 units
Starting Pitchers: Rusch vs Arroyo
-Ok. I have not looked at any stats for this play. Bronson Arroyo lost me plenty of money last year on the Red Sox. Even with tremendous run support he still managed to get hit to royal hell. I do remember some really poor spring training appearances where he has gotten knocked up just as bad. That is factor one for me, I think Arroyo is nothing special. Now, I've been impressed by the Cubs thus far this year. Like the price and I have some confidence in Rusch based on his level of experience. Anyway, I locked in the wager but I encourage other people who have played with/against the Cubs to comment on THEIR own particular reasons to help others.
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¤ Chicago White Sox -120 2 units
Starting Pitchers: Contreras vs Lee
Third game of this opening series between the Indiands and White Sox. Contreras is a stud in my opinion. One of my more favorite pitchers to watch during the playoff run last season. Thinking the Sox take 2 out of 3.
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¤ Florida Marlins +1.5 -122 1 unit
Starting Pitchers: Moehler vs Backe
The game last night was 11-0 going into the bottom of the 9th, when Houston put up 2 runs. Before then it had been 17 innings, while only putting up 1 run, which was scored on a wild pitch. I'm laying the 22 cents and taking the RL with the Marlins
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¤ Seattle -1 +150 2 units
Starting Pitchers: Washburn vs Weaver

Pittsburgh Pirates +105 1 unit
Starting Pitchers: Duke vs Okha

¤ Baltimore Orioles -1 -105 2 units
Starting Pitchers: Bedard vs McClung
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¤ San Fransisco Giants -110 2 units
Starting Pitchers: Morris vs Estes
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¤ New York Yankees -110 2 units
Starting Pitchers: Wang vs Haren
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Yesterday, 1-2 dropping a unit. I have never liked Scott Procter and don't know why the hell he is still on the Yanks. He came in the game to promptly give up the winning run in the bottom of the 9th. Houston -1.5 +100 was a very bad call but I'm happy I took a shot atleast and didn't just pay for the juice on the ML. Either way Houston was crap. The total was pretty easy in the ATL/LAD game and I managed to stay away from the over 8 in the Yanks. Losing day but lots learned.

Today, the top two listed plays are 2 units and my RL play is 1 unit.

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