Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Hump Day Bases

¤ Florida Marlins +1 +115 2 units
Starting Pitchers: Vargas vs Trachsel
Vargas had 6 spring training starts, getting a record of 2-1. He saw the most innings of any of the Marlins pitchers. 25 innings he comiled a 4.32 ERA allowing 12 runs in those 25 innings.
Trachsel also saw the most innings in Spring Training for the Mets. In 21.1 innings he had a ERA of 6.33 allowing 15 runs and 26 hits. He had a record of 1-1 in spring training.
I have played the Marlins once before this season and it was positive money on the runline (+1.5). They lost by 1 run to the Marlins, but I cashed my ticket. I remember Vargas from last year and will take the positive odds tomorrow.

Washington Nationals +130
2 units
Starting Pitchers: Armasvs Backe
- this if from Apr. 4
News: Backe may miss his first scheduled start of the year with back problems, the Houston Chronicle reports. Spin: "It would be something that could be a consideration," manager Phil Garner said of potentially skipping Backe. "We're not planning on it right now. If Backe cannot start, Wandy Rodriguez would go on Wednesday and rookie Taylor Buchholz would move up to Friday. -Armas has a good track record versus Houston and I still don't think they have their bats going yet.

¤ Chicago Cubs +110 2 unit
Starting Pitchers: Madduxvs Suppan
-Cubs at home with the Vet on the mound. Suppan was weak in spring. Only a one unit play because I seem to always be on the wrong side of the Cubbies games.

¤ Cubs/Cards Over 7 +104
2 units
Starting Pitchers: Maddux vs Suppan
Seems a bit low to me. Good odds and chance to push. It is the first start for Greg Maddux since his shoulder injury and Suppan can get hit up. Making it a 2 unit play and I still have just 1 units on the Cubs

¤ Boston Red Sox -107 1 unit
Starting Pitchers: Clement vs Cabrera

¤ New York Yankees -1 +105 3 units
Starting Pitchers: Chacon vs Escobar
Athough Escobar had a good Spring Training performance, he doesn't have good numbers against the Yankees. He has a 7.62 ERA over the last 3 seasons. Chacon had a good spring with 27 innings allowing 11 runs and a 3.67 ERA. He saw the most innings in training out of any of the Yankee pitchers. He has 6 innings of experience against LAA and has allowed no runs.
--Yankees had a 4 run lead on Oakland before allowing 9 unanswered. Errors had a big part factor in that game. I expect the Yanks to play a cleaner game and come away with the win.

¤ Chicago White Sox -1 -140 1.5 units
Starting Pitchers: Garland vs Affeldt
First thing to notice is this is a 1.5 unit play. I don't like laying all that chalk. I am quoting lltb43 "Garland was 4-0 ML/RL in Apr 2005. His ERA was 1.80 (30 innings/6 earned runs). His ERA vs KC in 2005 was 1.19 (15.1 innings/2 earned runs). Affeldt appeared in 5 games in Apr 2005. His ERA was 4.29 (4.2 innings/2 earned runs)." Like them to win by 2 or more runs, but I'm only laying 1 run since I have to lay juice in either situation. Would much rather have the chance for a push if Chicago leads by 2 in the 9th and gives one up.

I am +7.00 on Seattle plays. I was considering picking Hernandez but I would much rather see him play this season before I wager on him. Quite a few plays but they should be pretty good ones.

I was considering taking Texas as a fade of Mike Maroth. I couldn't find enough information on J. Koronka for Texas. I didn't find any spring stats. I checked ESPN and he is young, played with the Cubs, and got beat up on the few opponents he saw. Detroit batters could light him up, so I'm not playing it unless I get much more information.

Cleveland -1 with Byrd, but this will be Byrd's first start with Cleveland. I don't want to lay anything yet. Wasn't really impressed that much with him last year in the playoffs. Lohse I believe has an alright track record against Cleveland. Not enough value right now for me to play ML or RL.

Totals: 3-0 on totals so far. The only one that sticks out at me is Seattle/Oakland over 7.5, but like I said I don't know how Hernandez is gonna pitch. Also, tonight Seattle game is at 6-2 in the 8th inning and Loazia got hit up real bad. I will have to do some more research and looking around to see if I wanna take a total.

Please take the time to add comments and suggest some plays for me to look at with some reasoning.

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