Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday Bases

Today's Picks:
New York Yankees +110 1 unit (Pinnacle)
Starting Pitchers: Mussina vs Harden
There is the fact that the Yankees are a powerhouse (love them or hate them--I love them), and the fact that they destroyed Oakland last night, and now they are being offered at + odds? Hmm... It gets better when you look at the pitching matchup. Mussina last season was 2-0 vs OAK with a 1.13 ERA. Harden last season vs NYY was 0-2 with over a 6 ERA. Seems like there is only one choice on the side here, especially with the odds I got as soon as the line popped out.
ALT runline at -1.5 +175.
Matchup Information

¤ Houston Astros -1.5 +100 1 unit (Pinnacle)
Starting Pitchers: Pettite vs Mitre
I don't have too much to say about this except Pettite is a strong pitcher. I loved watching him last year in the playoffs and Mitre was a 2-5 pitcher on the Cubs with over a 5 ERA. Fading the Florida Marlins when they don't have Willis on the mound. Mitre is young himself, only born in 1981.
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¤ Braves/Dodgers over 7 -120 1 unit (Pinnacle)
Starting Pitchers: Smoltz v Penny
Yesterday's game was a shootout. I don't like the juice on this one, but I'm not gonna buy a half run because then I get the opportunity for a push. A 3-4 game seems like it will be easy as hell to reach, just for my push. Smoltz is solid, no doubt about that, but he is 38 years old and when he has a bad day it is bad. Brad Penny was a losing pitcher last year and most of the games near the end of the season were all over 7 runs.
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Anyway, good day yesterday going 3-0 and keeping a loss away so far. All plays are one unit still, as there is no reason to risk more since the season is just beginning. Please comment and discuss these games, and other games if you would like.

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