Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday on the Diamond

Record: 45-28-2 (61.64%) ROI: 20.69%
1Unit Plays: 32-20 (61.65%) [+13.83] ROI: 22.64
2Unit Plays: 10-6-1 (62.50%) [+9.00] ROI: 25.58%
3Unit Plays: 3-2 (60.00%) [+1.29] ROI: 6.35%
Profit in Units: +24.12
Yesterday: 4-3 (+.59)
Detailed Ledger (Team breakdown, graphs, graphs)
April 17-24: 20-12-0 (+14.65 units; ROI: 32.08%)
April 24-May 1: 21-13-0 (+9.47 units; ROI: 13.36%)
Basics: 1 to 3 unit plays. Unless otherwise stated, plays are for 1 unit.
Number is to win on favorites; risking on dogs.

Well I did not meet my 2+ unit goal for Sunday, but I did manage to stay in the black and make some money. I'll probably keep it short and sweet for today.

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