Thursday, March 23, 2006

A big white spaceship with green windows...

What's good children? God, of course. But man.. so I found out today that one of the most beautiful women in the world still has her hyman in tact. If you don't know who I'm talking about, just think what gorgeous would look like. Or just look at the picture. Adriana Fucking Lima is still a VIRGIN. Actually, its just Adriana Lima now.. no fucking.

So I guess JJ couldnt pull through. Guess he's not Kid DY-NO-MITE after all... But DAMN, who could've saw the end of that Gonzaga game. I almost don't blame morrison for breaking into tears, coz that was fuckin ridic. Usually my stance is that if a team is stupid enough to lose a game like that, they deserve to. But that.. that was totally unneccesary. I mean, anyone who was at the bars could hear the disappointment in people all around you when UCLA stole that ball. I, personally, threw off my cap coz I couldnt believe what I was seeing. Watching duke get slapped out of the tourney was good but seeing Gonzaga, a team that totally had the game but lost it, was fucking terrible. I only have two words to that.. March Madness.

For my first post though, I wanted to throw up a track from the forthcoming Pharrell joint. It's a good song to spliff up to, especially since its got that whole neptunes spaced out beat. Just don't go into shock when magoo jumps on the track. its good. its good.

Pharrell - Big White Spaceship
(click to play, right click and choose 'save link as' to download)

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JG said...

Hot song, D.